Sly Morikawa is a Japanese-English artist and photographer based in Sydney, Australia. 

Known for her sensitive, dreamlike photographs imbued with intimacy and softness, Morikawa’s work draws on recurring themes of sex, subculture and self. Her depictions of the angelic and the unorthodox return her audience to a sense of agency; a permission to suspend biases and taboo.



Upcoming: Everything Reminds Me of You (July 2023) at Screw Gallery, Leeds

Heaven Doesn’t Want Me (2022) at The Corner Shop, Sydney


Einhundert Verschwendete Jahre / One Hundred Wasted Years (2022) at HVW8 Art & Design Gallery, Los Angeles

Good Photo (2022)
at Ace Hotel, Kyoto

what we used to be, where we used to go (2020) with Jason Phu at Chalk Horse Gallery, Sydney

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